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Originally named Stormy and built by Elmer Collomore in Camden, this Murray Peterson schooner was rebuilt by Farrin’s in 2007.    The iron keel was re-bolted to the wood keel, several frames were replaced and the Garboard planks were removed and replaced.    She was completely refinished and now lives in Nova Scotia where she in named Concertina.
Built in 1908 by Rice Brothers, Doc’s Pride is presently owned by Bruce Farrin.    She has had much maintenance over the years including a total of 4 engines, complete refastening, paint and varnish and all the other things required to keep a wooden classic healthy.
Sumnah, a 28’ Lobster boat built by Sumner McFarland in 1960 was just totally rebuilt by Farrin’s.  Sistered Ribs, new Self-Bailing Cockpit, new House & new Sheer with Raised Side Decks, new Transom & Aft Deck, Complete Refastening, new Steering, Fuel Tank, Electronics & Stainless Exhaust make her better than new. If you haven't noticed Sumnah is back at work Lobstering. You can see more of the work done in the Photo Galleries page.