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"What We Do"

On the right the bare hull of Tory Lynn and her at sea trial 14 weeks later.

Farrins Boatshop custom builds modern workboats, commercial sport fishermen and pleasure yachts.    At Farrins, pride in our workmanship has been continuously applied in over 40 years of building boats.    Our craftsmanship in design and construction will give your custom project the quality that has made Maine famous in the boat building industry.

Most fiberglass hulls are delivered bare, as shown here.     We then install the power plant, shaft, propeller and rudder before beginning to finish your boat with a custom superstructure and interiors.

Farrins Boatshop also builds custom wooden hulls.    Our roots in wooden boat building run deep, with many years of experience in the building and repair of traditional wooden boats. For more information on this take a look at the Who We Are section of our website where you can find out more about our history in the Maine boat building industry.

We've been know to build Steel Hulled boats as well.

O    ur “Common Sense” approach to the design of your boat stems from our belief that boats, first and foremost, should fit each owner’s personal needs.    For example, a large amount of bright wood trim may require more maintenance than an owner is willing to give.    On the other hand, owners have different levels of tolerance for paint and varnish work.    Bright work may be important to you.     Your personal choices will be considered before we start designing and constructing your boat.    Other decisions include power, drive method, accomodations, electronics, etc.     Every detail is carefully planned before beginning.